Uitnodiging voor het Laverda treffen op 1 en 2 juni tijdens de Coupes Moto Légende in Dijon (Frankrijk)

Graag willen we jullie op de hoogte stellen van onderstaande uitnodiging voor een internationale Laverda meeting tijdens de Coupes Moto Légende in Frankrijk. Eventuele aanmelding dien je zelf te regelen en loopt niet via de Laverda Club Nederland.

Hello everybody,
On the first weekend of June 2019 there will be a Laverda Meeting inside the Coupes Moto Légende in Dijon (France).
These are the main features of the event:

 A large Laverda Village will be set up, where all the Laverdisti can park their bikes;

 A large pit-box with back-paddock display space will be available to Laverda Corse team and to all Laverda bikes participating to the track sessions;

 A discounted entry fee will be granted to Laverda riders for the track sessions;

 A big Parade is scheduled for Saturday at the mid-day for all Laverda owners.

The first 40 Laverda owners subscribing for the track sessions will pay an entry fee of € 140,- instead of € 180,- (-22% discount), untill all track batches will be full. 

All Laverda owners coming to the event with a Laverda bike (but not riding in track sessions) will pay the access ticket € 22,- instead of € 25,- (-12% discount). This ticket will allow the access to the event for each Laverda owner, the access to the Laverda Village for the Laverda bike and the participation to the parade on Saturday at lunch time.

Badges and tickets can be purchased at the gazebo-stand called “Opération Laverda”, which will be located on the side of the main road going into the circuit.

Book your entry now at www.coupes-moto-legende.fr, reffering to “Opération Laverda” in your entry form! 


Giovanni – Piero – Jean Louis from Laverda Corse